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Providing wetland mitigation solutions...

We are dedicated to provide cost effective and reliable wetland and endangered species mitigation to clients in Southwest Florida. 

Jack’s Branch Mitigation Bank

Wetland credits for unavoidable impacts in Lee and Charlotte County. 

Big Cypress Mitigation Bank Credit Availabilty...

Freshwater Transitional and Herbaceous credits are currently available for sale. Federal credits are expected to be available in the Spring of 2018. 

Big Cypress Mitigation Bank

Big Cypress Mitigation Bank

Permitted in 1999, Big Cypress Mitigation Bank is comprised of approximately 2,600 acres of freshwater wetlands in Southwestern Hendry County, Florida located along the northern border of the Big Cypress National Preserve. Big Cypress Mitigation Bank provides preserved, enhanced and restored wetlands to help in sustaining Southwest Florida's clean water and habitat for endangered species. 

Prior to becoming a mitigation bank, the property was an active producing citrus grove. Restoration and enhancement activities include, but not limited to, removal of all citrus, restoration of hydrology, planting of tens of thousands native freshwater vegetation and the removal of exotic and nuisance vegetative species. All the land is preserved in perpetuity for future generations to enjoy. 

Credits may be purchased for impacts to wetlands located in the West Collier, East Collier and Estero Bay drainage basins in Southwest Florida. Cumulative impact analyses for out-of-basin mitigation can be provided to help streamline the permitting process. 

In addition to wetland credits, we also provide Panther Habitat Units and Long and Short Wood Stork Kilograms of Biomass. Each wetland credit includes 8.96 Panther Habitat Units. Additional Panther Habitat Units are available at a competitive price to ensure we are providing our clients with the most overall cost effective mitigation solution.

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Wetland Credit Sales and Marketing

We are very knowledgable of the wetland mitigation bank and habitat mitigation bank industry and can help your mitigation bank succeed through effective sales and marketing.

Off-Site Mitigation Solutions

If mitigation credits are not available in your area, we can represent you to assist you in finding suitable land for off-site mitigation. Contact us today if you own and would like to sell your property that may be suitable mitigation land.

Buiding Your New Home on a Wetland

Constructing a new home on a property that has wetlands can be time consuming and overwhelming. Contact us on how we can help you streamline this process. 


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